Will drinking coffee when you’re breastfeeding keep your baby awake?

coffee in disposable cup If you ingest caffeine when you’re breastfeeding it can pass into your milk, and may therefore be consumed by your baby1. From a health perspective, this is not a cause for great concern. Low doses of caffeine are not regarded as harmful, and indeed caffeine is sometimes administered to preterm babies to help reduce apnea (pauses in breathing of more than 20 seconds)2. The stimulant properties of caffeine that make it suitable for therapeutic use, however, could potentially affect babies in a less desirable way — in particular, by making them wakeful and irritable.

So, how likely is it that drinking too much coffee will cause your baby to lose sleep? Research investigating this issue shows that moderate levels of consumption aren’t likely to cause any problems. A study examining the levels of caffeine over a 12 hour period in the milk of women drinking their usual caffeinated beverages found that consumption of less than 100mg (roughly the amount in a single espresso) did not pass into milk at a detectable level3. It also found (as did an earlier study1) that the amount of caffeine that makes it into milk is greatly reduced — between 0.06% and 1.5% of the maternal dose — and that the level peaks an hour after consumption, and then declines, disappearing completely after 12 hours.

Could this small amount of caffeine cause sleeplessness? The available evidence indicates this is unlikely. In a study examining this issue, 11 breastfeeding mothers drank 5 cups of decaffeinated coffee a day over a 5 day period, and 5 cups a day of decaffeinated coffee with 100mg caffeine added over another 5 days4. The results showed that the babies’ average heart rates and the amount of sleep they got over a 24 hour period remained the same, regardless of whether their mothers had consumed caffeine.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, ‘moderate consumption of tea, coffee and caffeinated sodas is fine when you’re breastfeeding’. Although babies can ingest caffeine through breast milk, if their mothers are drinking around 5 cups of coffee a day it is unlikely to impact on sleep levels. People metabolize caffeine at different rates, of course, and young babies do it much more slowly than adults5, so it’s not impossible that drinking coffee will affect your baby, particularly if you consume it in large amounts. At low levels of consumption the chances of this being a problem are small, however, so most breastfeeding mothers can enjoy a coffee, tea or cola safe in the knowledge that is keeping them, but not their baby, awake.

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6 Responses to “Will drinking coffee when you’re breastfeeding keep your baby awake?”

  1. Johnny Says:

    Incredibly helpful blog, Elizabeth. My wife and I are fortunate to have discovered it.
    We look forward to further postings, but also are devouring previous ones.


  2. Holly Says:

    I found that it proved no effect on my daughter, much to my relief, especially during those early weeks…

  3. S Says:

    Late night working, hoping my nursling will stay asleep. Thanks for the info! Very useful, and i love your approach (I want information, not an agenda). I am bookmarking this blog for future reference.

  4. Karen Smoots Says:

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    Nursing your little one can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it can also be a challenge. Make sure you are in a comfortable position while nursing. Find a good nursing pillow because it will help support your baby and make it easier for you to nurse. In this article, I’ll share some tips for how to keep your baby awake while breastfeeding and the benefits of nursing.https://www.k2babycare.com/how-to-keep-baby-awake-while-nursing/

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